About Us

Town Square Fountains.

Membership in the ISCC has helped our club to keep up-to-date with other organizations’ activities which we can then support and to share our goals and plans with them. We appreciate the opportunity to become better informed by the knowledgeable speakers who present at our meetings.


The InterService Club Council of the City of Fairfax began in December 1977 with participation by 11 member organizations. The vision of local member organizations focused on and dedicated to serving others through community service remains central to the ISCC of today. Building on our history, centered by our purpose and objectives and governed by our By-Laws, the ISCC enjoys the support of 25 active member organizations.

We serve the City of Fairfax and surrounding communities with:

  • Fundraising
  • Scholarships
  • Volunteers to help homeless or families needing a lift
  • Holiday gifts and food
  • Grants in Aid
  • Volunteers of the Year
  • Student Volunteer Festival
  • Advocacy for less fortunate
  • “Welcome to Fairfax” signboards administration

For scholarship information and volunteer opportunities, please see the individual member organizations.

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