Downtown Fairfax Coalition

The Downtown Fairfax Coalition is a private nonprofit 501.3C organization. The organization’s purpose is to provide guidance and oversight and promote the positive redevelopment of Old Town Fairfax and surrounds. The Coalition has worked with City Council and staff, the business community, the residential community and professional organizations for the betterment of the city. The tangible results of these efforts have become an integral part of Old Town Fairfax and you walk or drive past them everyday.

For the present, the Downtown Fairfax Coalition is working on a number of contemporary issues that are critical to the City including public parking, cooperative advertising, traffic management, city development history, and next steps in the redevelopment process.

For the future, the Coalition has a vision of Old Town Fairfax that includes a vibrant historic downtown with retail, restaurants, entertainment, residential and offices. The historic structures and library are an integral part of the city center with new facilities for theatre and art to be developed within walking distance of downtown and all served by a system of public and private parking garages and on-street parking.