Fairfax VA Chapter Harley Owners Group

The Fairfax VA Chapter of the Harley Owners Group was established in 1999 in association with its sponsor, Patriot Harley Davidson. It is registered as a 501-C-7 not for profit organization. The Chapter is comprised of over 700 riders, primarily from Fairfax, Arlington and Loudon Counties. We are a very energetic and a diverse group defying many of the “biker” stereotypes.  Representing many walks of life, we are united by our love of riding Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The Chapter’s mission is to ride safely, have fun and give a little back along the way.  This mission is supported by its members with:
A busy activities calendar
Training programs to build skills in safe riding.
Activities to improve our communities through charitable and service groups.

The Fairfax VA HOG Chapter is proud of the relationship it has created with the local community.  Relationships have been built with local law enforcement, civic leaders, fire and rescue, educators, other service organizations and business leaders.  The Chapter is active in community events . Fairfax VA HOG community-related activities result in financial and in-kind contributions averaging $30,000 per year, plus many hours of volunteer work.

You will see Fairfax VA HOG members involved in community activities including: City of Fairfax Adopt-A-Spot (highway cleanup); Library and School Show & Tells; Membership in InterService Club Council; Blood Drives, MDA , Red Cross and several Community Parades. Members also support the Salvation Army’s Back-To-School and Christmas Stocking programs. Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless at the local LAMB Center is an annual event along with Christmas collections of food, personal items and gifts to the LAMB Center and F.A.C.E.T.S. to help homeless families.

The Chapter is especially motivated to honor those men and women in uniform who risk their limbs and lives every day to protect our families and our nation. Since 9/11, and at the invitation of Congressman Frank Wolf, the Chapter has been actively involved in Operation Atlas at Walter Reed Army Hospital. This effort will now move to Fort Belvoir due to the closing of Walter Reed this past September.

The Chapter’s signature event is held each Memorial Day weekend.  We host the Ride of the Patriots, a Memorial Day tradition honoring and remembering those who have given their lives to protect and defend our nation and our liberty. This event began in 1998 when a few hundred bikers joined up to ride to Rolling Thunder at the Pentagon. The event now includes a parade and opening ceremony and has been credited with reestablishing a Memorial Day tradition within the hearts and minds of Fairfax community. In 2011 well over 4,000 riders rode with us to Rolling Thunder to join over 400,000 other bikers from around the USA.

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Monthly Chapter Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at Patriot Harley-Davidson.  Come early to meet the members and have a bite to eat.  Meetings generally last one hour and are meant to be informative, fun and interesting.

Fairfax VA Chapter Harley Owners Group
9739 Fairfax Boulevard
Fairfax, Virginia 22031

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