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Quote graphic.The InterService Club Council of Fairfax, Virginia is fun: good people, worthy organizations, fine fellowship, and mutual encouragement as we seek (each and together) to serve our communities, and particularly those with special needs.
~ Dave Hartmann, Fairfax Civitan Club


Primary criteria in consideration of ISCC membership applications

  1. Applicants will be limited to non-profit organizations.
  2. The main criterion is that the requesting organization shall by intention and action provide significant services within Fairfax City.
  3. The organization, by its application, indicates its readiness to act cooperatively with other ISCC member organizations, seeking to avoid conflicts and to encourage sharing and partnership.
  4. Ideally the proposed Member would have a recognizable presence within Fairfax City (e.g. meets in the City; engages in public events in the City; etc.)
  5. The well established and good reputation of the applying organization will be an important criterion for membership.
  6. No applicant will be accepted into the ISCC for the primary purpose of seeking business or for engaging in fund-raising.
  7. No applicant will be accepted into the ISCC for the primary purpose of engaging in partisan political activity (e.g. supporting particular candidates for office, lobbying for legislation or regulations).

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