The By-Laws of the Inter-Service Club Council of the City of Fairfax, Virginia
As amended in January 2019


The INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL (ISCC) of the City of Fairfax, Virginia, is an association organized in 1977 for liaison and for sharing between various Fairfax City service clubs and other member organizations.


Article I – Name


Article II – Objectives

The primary purpose of the ISCC is to act as a clearing house to facilitate the exchange of ideas, to relieve project scheduling conflicts, to improve administrative communication, to share objectives, to pool projects, to maintain and encourage media relations, and to otherwise further the objectives of cooperation and good will among its member organizations.

Article III – Membership and Membership Qualifications

  1. Membership in the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL shall be limited to organizations which provide significant services within the City of Fairfax. Member organizations are primarily non-profit groups comprised of civic-minded members founded to provide services for the benefit of others within the community. The main purpose of ISCC organizations is to take an active interest in the welfare of the community and to help those in need. To do that, the ISCC organizations typically raise funds and provide volunteers to support worthy causes.
  2. Each member organization of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL shall be represented by one designated voting delegate. In the absence of the designated representative, an alternate representative chosen by the Member organization may attend meetings and vote on its behalf.
  3. If the representative of a member organization does not attend an ISCC meeting for eight (8) out of any twelve months, the representative’s organization will be contacted by letter to determine whether the organization is interested in retaining their membership. If a reply is not received in 30 days, the member organization will be dropped from the membership with the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL This action will be formally confirmed by letter to the respective organization. This does not rule out a future membership application and subsequent approval.
  4. The INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL considers and votes upon the applications of prospective new ISCC members. The ISCC may adopt policy statements further defining desired qualifications and limitations of ISCC Membership.

Article IV – Meetings, Annual Meeting, and Fiscal Year

  1. A luncheon meeting shall be held every month on the first Wednesday unless otherwise decided by a two-thirds majority vote of representatives of the member organizations at any regular constituted meeting. The meeting time and place is to be decided by a vote of the member organizations. Special meetings may be called by the President or upon written request of five member organizations. All special meetings will require five days of notice sent by First Class Mail or electronic means by the Secretary to all designated representatives of the member organizations.
  2. The fiscal year of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL shall be October 1 through September 30.
  3. The meeting in October shall be designated as the Annual Meeting of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL and at this meeting the Officers of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL shall be installed, and the affairs of the current year shall be reviewed by the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL. Notice of such Annual Meeting shall be sent to each designated representative by the Secretary not less than five days prior to said meeting.
  4. A quorum to transact all business at any properly called meeting shall consist of one half of the member organizations of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL.
  5. Meetings shall be conducted on the basis of ROBERTS’ RULES OF ORDER.
  6. In all matters requiring a vote, including election of officers of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL, each member organization shall have one (1) vote only.
  7. A motion to refer any questions to the member organizations is non-debatable and receives priority.

Article V – Dues, Assessments, Budgets, and Expenditures

  1. The annual dues agreed upon by the ISCC shall become due and payable on or before October 1 of each year. Dues of any new member organization will be prorated semi-annually upon notification of acceptance. Annual dues will be paid by all member organizations.
  2. Assessments for special purposes (such as an annual Volunteer of the Year event) may be agreed upon by the ISCC.
  3. Regular financial reports shall be provided at the monthly ISCC meetings.

Article VI – Officers

  1. The Officers of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and shall serve for the specified fiscal year. Each Officer must be a member of one of the ISCC member organizations.
  2. Duties of Officers:
    1. The President shall be the chief officer of the INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL and shall preside at all meetings. The President shall appoint all committees and committee chair persons as the need arises.
    2. The Vice-President shall act for the President in the absence of the President and shall perform other responsibilities as agreed upon by the President.
    3. The Secretary shall keep adequate records of all official proceedings of the Council and shall keep a file of these By Laws and all other documents and correspondence relative to the affairs of the Council. The Secretary shall notify members of meetings and other pertinent matters in a monthly newsletter.
    4. The Treasurer shall collect all dues and be responsible for an accounting of all moneys collected and disbursed. The Treasurer shall maintain a checking account with a designated bank within the City of Fairfax. The President or Treasurer shall sign checks for all INTER-SERVICE CLUB COUNCIL expenditures – provided the expenditures have been approved in accordance with these By Laws.

Article VII – Nominations and Election of Officers

  1. The President shall appoint a nominating committee. This committee shall be composed of two or more voting persons, representing various member organizations. This committee shall submit a slate of capable and willing candidates for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer at the June meeting, with elections held in September, and with the installation of elected officers to follow in October.
  2. The President and Vice-President ordinarily shall not succeed themselves in the office to which elected for more than a total of two years. If there is difficulty recruiting either of these officers, the ISCC, at its discretion and vote, may agree to extend a term of office for an additional year. There are no Bylaw limitations on the tenure of office for the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Article VIII – Executive Officers Board

  1. The four officers plus the most recent past president together constitute an Executive Officers Board (EOB). It will deal with various opportunities and challenges that arise between the regular monthly ISCC meetings. Preliminary recommendations arising out of the EOB will be brought to the full ISCC membership for consideration, discussion, and decision.
  2. One regular responsibility of the EOB is to review applications for ISCC membership and provide recommendations to the ISCC for its action.
  3. Proposals for new ISCC programs and activities will first be considered by the EOB, including proposals brought by Fairfax City (such as for advisory ISCC responsibility for signboards listing service organizations).
  4. The EOB also will attend to communication and public relations for the ISCC, including the maintenance and use of the ISCC website.
  5. In addition, the EOB will explore relationships between the Fairfax City ISCC and other ISCC’s in the Metropolitan Washington area.

Article IX – Dissolution

If the ISCC of the City of Fairfax shall cease to exist, any money or other assets remaining shall be contributed to a worthy organization serving the City, as determined by the ISCC or by its Executive Officer Board on behalf of the ISCC.

Article X – Amendment or Repeal of By Laws

These By Laws may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the member organizations present at any regular or special meeting provided a quorum is present and provided that notice describing the proposed change is sent to all representatives of member organizations at least one month prior to the voting.